Monday, Jan. 23rd – Way To Represent, Utah!

Posted: January 24, 2017 in Uncategorized


Click image for photo gallery.

  1. Joseph Blanton says:

    Wow. Just wow. We’ve all seen photos of marches in our history textbooks and contemplated the impact it must have had during those times, but to actually be alive and living through the actual events is breathtaking.

    What the textbooks failed to convey, though, is the… emptiness I am feeling because I cannot see now how these marches will actually end up changing anything. The textbooks just say, “these protests then lead to legislation…” But when?! Looking back it all blurs together, but we get to live through the slow turning of the wheels of government–seems like it could be a long ride.

  2. Kacey Davis says:

    It was really something incredible to be there. Protest may not directly change laws, but it certainly impacts representatives who are willing to listen and to realize who they are representing — democracy is here so that our voices can be heard, and protests/marches are one way to do that. I agree that much more work will need to be done on and off the streets but gathering and expressing ourselves peacefully is certainly a start.

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