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Posted: January 31, 2017 in Uncategorized


  1. Josh Butner says:

    Not that I disagree that the air is absolutely awful right now. But I just want to point out (since I was periodically checking the AQI throughout the day) that this is the forecast tab, and today, while we were close to the unhealthy range, we never crossed from USG (unsafe for select groups) to unhealthy. Tomorrow though we probably will =/

  2. Liz Reiss says:

    I wonder if this air quality is part of the reason why my cough is so bad… I have never suffered from breathing problems or upset lungs in my life but the last two winters, when I just so happened to live in Salt Lake for my sophomore and junior years, I have come down with a nasty cough and wonder if it’s due to the inversion. I love being outside and I’m used to spending a great deal of time in the outdoors during the winter when I grew up in Park City, but my desire to be outside has significantly lessened now that I live in the valley where the air quality is so poor. It makes me very sad and frustrated and sickly and bummed and mad and upset all at once, yet I don’t know what I can do to do my part. I already walk everywhere (I don’t have a car and live just off campus) and I am a business major with no direct plans to work on environmental sustainability in the future. I don’t want to just be a bystander but I am also unsure as to what I can do to help this major issue.

    • I can guarantee that the toxic air in this valley is the source of your problem. Many persons are sick like you, and they are extremely upset. But try getting to local legislature to listen to them. Who cares about epidemic respiratory illness when there is coal that needs burning?

  3. Joseph Blanton says:

    Ack! I’m getting too old to not care about the health effects of this air! Really thinking about buying one of those futeristic masks from the sustainability office, $5 apparently. But I also heard they are only offered from 1-3pm. Why not ’round the clock?

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