The Virtue of Uselessness – What Do They Know About Science At MIT Anyway?

Posted: March 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

  1. Joseph Blanton says:

    More one sided quips because that’s how I feel about the anti-science/intellectual/experts/artists atmosphere right now. A conversation this time:

    “Why are you studying that?”

    “Oh, because it is a perplexing thing we do not underatand.”

    “But if we don’t understand it, how can it help us fix one of our categorized problems on the checklist?”

    “Ah… I hadn’t considered those problems. I am hoping that proving my hypothesis will eventually answer a question we haven’t asked yet.”

    “Answer a question that you don’t have data on? What kind of a scheme for wasting our funds are you working on?! … Shut it all down.”

    “But after the checklist is checked off, if ever, we will know the same things afterwards.”

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