Education, A Smarter Investment Than Incarceration

Posted: April 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

  1. Kacey Davis says:

    It’s funny that you compare the two investments (college vs. incarceration)… My friend is part of a Praxis lab this semester where they’re bringing college courses to the state prison. I went to her event last week and they showed a really cool documentary about college in prison systems. They said the recidivism rate is usually about half in the first year and 3/4 in five years after release — but only 1% of the people with degrees earned while in prison were rearrested in five years. But people don’t want to pay for “free college” for prisons! They don’t realize that college truly is a cheaper and healthier investment in the long run. (especially in a country that imprisons such a huge percent of our population). That was a tangent but this just made me think of my friend’s praxis!

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