Message Board For Final Papers

Posted: April 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Here’s the requested to post to use for discussing your final assignment. Feel free to include me in the conversation. Good luck!

  1. Liz Reiss says:

    My notes for the final paper:

    – individually written 10-page paper
    – directed to the student advisory council in your major
    – what did we learn this semester that would be beneficial to someone wandering around in your major / undergraduate program?
    – Michael Fried
    – be able to think critically and make practical recommendations
    – based on standing outside and viewing it from another perspective
    – use a reading to make a practical recommendation or advice to someone who is new or looking to fit in

    • Galen Bergsten says:

      I think it’s good to note that the final doesn’t have to have anything to do with Michael Fried, in case anyone is confused. Only if you think he’d fit well.

      I’ve taken IT3 with Brian, where we had the same prompt, so I know a bit on the ins and outs of writing this final. What I found to work well last semester was to pick an author’s idea that fit my major obviously, then throw that one away and pick the next best author/idea. I did that until I got all the way to the bottom, and then tried to fit the least likely idea in a genuinely interesting (and not forced) way.

      If anyone has more questions, or would like to know how I went about writing mine, send them my way! I’d even be up to sharing my actual submission if anyone thinks that would help them.

  2. nsiddam says:

    Yes Galen that would be extremely beneficial if you could share your submission so we could get an idea of how to format the paper.

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