Keeping Music Fresh Through New Technologies

Posted: January 22, 2018 in Uncategorized
  1. Ana Miranda says:

    I think its really fascinating to see the development of music technology. I’ve played around with a looper before, obviously not one of this size and quality, but it really expanded my abilities as a musician and allowed me to go beyond what I normally could do. It’s really fun to watch Reggie create tracks with only his voice and no one else’s, I think it would be an even larger event if they used music technology and traditional music instruments and techniques to create a unique piece of music.

    • Glad you found this intriguing. I did too.

      I’m not great at looping. I wish I were better, because it’s really cool. But I’m too busy learning just to play my instrument as it is. I suppose that makes me the wrong kind of traditionalist. I certainly have friends who use loopers in professional musical settings, and to very good effect. One if my friend Kim, who plays in a local band which has found unexpected global success. Her primary instrument is the violin. I’m always amazed to here the unusual places she can take one of the most traditional Western instruments.

    • Have you heard Tune Yards? This is a fairly early video of her.

      • Uyen Hoang says:

        I love tune-yards! Did you see her at twilight a couple years back? She’s a phenomenal artist especially in regards to using tech and instrumental improvisation. Her style is so good.

        • I didn’t catch that show. I don’t go to many bigger events, but prefer small venues. Still, I find her music very intriguing. It’s not my style of choice, but you don’t have to prefer something to feel a genuine appreciation for it. I am impressed not only by Tune Yards’ music, but also her very positive and self-motivated attitude, to say nothing of her creative imagination. Great stuff.

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