German Design In Modern America

Posted: February 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

The Bauhaus school was the most influential art school of the 20th century, one whose approach to teaching, and understanding art’s relationship to society and technology, had a major impact both in Europe and the United States long after it closed. The Bauhaus style of looking at art and seeking new developments is seen to lay in the 19th century and in the anxieties about the soullessness of manufacturing and its products, and in fears about arts’ loss of purpose in society. The Bauhaus, a German word meaning ‘ house of building ‘, founded in 1919 in Weimer, Germany, by the architect Walter Gropius, aimed to merge the two schools of Fine Arts and Applied Arts in perfect harmony, and to reconcile the art and craft while producing the new aesthetics that we now know as design.

  1. Uyen Hoang says:

    I am very happy to see us diving into the Bauhaus. My dad is a graphic illustrator and designer with an unwavering love for modern furniture and its aesthetic. But growing up, he had always introduced me to modern and designer furniture, furnishing our home with actually quite a few products from the Bauhaus design. It’s funny because my father just obtained Noguchi’s infamous 3-part coffee table last week. I always was intrigued by the designers and their mantra: form follows function. As I helped him build the table I couldn’t help but fall in love with the simplicity and minimalism. This being said, I haven’t read many scholarly articles or criticisms on the art movement of minimalism just yet, but I am really looking forward to learning more of it in the upcoming weeks and your thoughts on it.

    • I almost used the Noguchi table for our profile image, but opted instead for the Brauer chair. I wish I had done otherwise, just to surprise you. In either case, I’m very pleased we’re on the same page.

      I do agree that Minimalism has attracted both positive and negative attention of late. I should add that the sleek lines of form-follows-function style of Bauhaus is not exactly Minimalist. Though I can certainly see why you would think that. There are very specific reasons why I say what I do. We will discuss that in class very soon. Please stay tuned!

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