The First Amendment – Self-Organizing Masses

Posted: February 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

  1. Carl Colby says:

    I’m impressed at this stark and visually entrancing display of activism; have there been any other protests of this lying-down sort? I’ll take a look on Google. I wonder how successful this sort of thing actually is in accomplishing the goal of inhibiting guns from schools… my mother is an educator and had a loaded revolver drawn and pointed at her by a student in the early 1980’s in Odessa, TX (one of her first teaching jobs). You can imagine how she feels after so many repeat shootings!

    • I think this kind of protest goes back to the sit-ins of the 60s. Though lying in the street is a little more theatrical than simply taking up space. Protests in American begin to get a little more creative and outlandish in the 80s, when AIDS activists began staging highly provocative events. We’ll actually be discussing this topic in the next week or so. Stayed tuned for that. As for what it might feel like to be in such a protest, I participated in a few. I remember standing, then lying in the middle of the street outside a World Trade Organization summit in Seattle. It was extremely exhilarating to see how a mass of unarmed persons could bring an entire city to a halt. The same was tried a few years later. Unfortunately, this time the municipality was ‘prepared’. Riot police were called in to break up the demonstration. The outrageous violence they inflicted on protesters were some of the first images I ever saw in the internet.

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