Elitism In ‘Excellent Sheep”s Clothing – On Critics Take On Today’s Global Art World

Posted: February 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

This is all really just curator code for “I’m more woke than you.” A better definition of “late liberalism” in the art world may be tenured and professional curators and academics ignoring the emergencies and needs of artists in their backyards … and instead traveling the world to troubled hot spots like concerned anchormen and anchorwomen to bring back “interventions” and art that supposedly “sabotages” things.

  1. Jiahui (Karen) Chen says:

    The tone of the first part of this article reminds me of the opinions of many people who believe modern, curated art is entirely disconnected from a layperson’s life/level of engagement. It’s nice to know that even an art critic thinks certain curation trends are manifestations of “privileged bullshit”.

    • Saltz has become quite a notable figure of late, largely through his savvy and continuous use of social media. I enjoy following his Instagram account. I was always a fan. It seemed to me, at first, that he was a bit to snarky, wanting to condemn major artists simply for the thrill of finding fault. But I’ve come to see his as offering a provocative and necessary oppositional voice to the hype which has overtaken today’s art world.

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