Clara Rockmore – Mother of The Pioneers

Posted: March 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

Reposted from March 10, 2016.

To follow up on my earlier posts about Delia Derbyshire and Pauline Oliveros, here’s a Google doodle about Clara Rockmore. Click image to play.


  1. Natalie Van Orden says:

    I love Clara Rockmore! I remember when this was the google doodle a few years ago. One of my life dreams is to acquire a theremin and learn how to play it. I’ve been pulled in for several years now by Clara Rockmore’s ability to capture heartache in her vibrato.

  2. Natalie Van Orden says:

    Thank you so much for referring me to that model! I hadn’t heard of the documentary, but I took the time to watch it this weekend. I liked how they combined footage of actual theremin performances and scenes from movies that have famously used the theremin in their soundtrack with interviews. It wouldn’t be the same to just watch Clara Rockmore talk about playing the theremin.
    It was even more fascinating to learn about Theremin’s life. It’s like he’s a character out of a spy novel.

    • Glad you got a chance to see that film on your own. This is precisely the sort of thing I would normally show in our class. Unfortunately, there’s still an AV crisis on campus. I’ve been getting regularly updates from Honors staff. They hope to have the problem resolved soon. Thank goodness though for WordPress.

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