Meanwhile, Back In Oakland, CA – Deep Listening

Posted: March 30, 2018 in Uncategorized


  1. Carl Colby says:

    Thank you for so many great selections of important (electronic art) music up on the blog!! Oliveros is yet another artist/composer worthy of attention yet under the radar to most. I hadn’t heard any of these cuts but I am familiar with her piece “Sound Patterns” from 1962. You might really enjoy the music of Bernard Parmegiani if you aren’t already acquainted. His “De Natura Sonorum” is easily one of the greatest electronic compositions of all time.

    • I will need to check out the piece you mention. As much as we are currently fully immersed in electronic music, most of us (like Nemo), have no idea of the technology and history behind the most popular sounds of our time. It make surprise many persons to know that The University of Utah was once a leader center of research into electronic music. But how many bother to learn the history of anything these days. While most people wouldn’t pay much attention to the work of John Chowning I continue to enjoy his compositions, as well as those of Paul Lansky.

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