Communist Cinema vs. Fascist Cinema

Posted: April 4, 2018 in Uncategorized
• Film as Critical Thinking •

Dziga Vertov
Man With A Movie Camera

• Film as Modern Myth-Making •

Leni Reifenstahl
Triumph of The Will

Ray Müller
The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl

(Sorry for the poor quality of the last video.)

  1. Collin Andersen says:

    “Man with a Camera” was much as you said. Watching the making of a film about filming is very meta, though I imagine not as meta as it would feel to the person assembling the film of the scene of a person assembling the film. One detail you hadn’t mentioned that I appreciated was the music selection. I can’t say why, but that’s just some darn good music for matching with this film.
    Loved the expressions on the kids faces following the magic trick. Captured that very well.

    • I don’t know that the original soundtrack was by Shostakovich. If it was not by him, or Prokofiev, it would have been something which sounded similarly modern. Vertov was keen to make this film not simply informative, but also genuinely exciting. His thought seems to have been that it should be exciting to learn. The savvy use of music would have been a part of that. Along those lines, one of the many interesting scenes in the film is his display of the orchestra, as a very material and technological apparatus. What would have been entirely and deliberately hidden in, say, Wagnerian opera, is made wholly visible in The Man with A Movie Camera.

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