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Posted: April 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

The US surgeon general issued an advisory Thursday recommending that more Americans carry the opioid overdose-reversing drug, naloxone.

The drug, commonly known as Narcan, can very quickly restore normal breathing in someone suspected of overdosing on opioids, including heroin and prescription pain medications.
Dr. Jerome Adams emphasized that “knowing how to use naloxone and keeping it within reach can save a life.” To make his point, Adams relied on a rarely used tool: the surgeon general’s advisory. The last such advisory was issued more than a decade ago and focused on drinking during pregnancy.


  1. Josh Holt says:

    I found this post incredibly appropriate! I recently finished training to become and EMT and will be taking the national exam at the end of this month. Through this process, I have learned just how big of a problem opioid overdose is our country, and knowing how to help when the time comes makes all the difference. My dad, a pharmacist, recently shared with me that Naloxone is one of the only medications that pharmacists can prescribe. Many times, people go to pick up their prescriptions for pain killers(opioids) and pharmacists can then offer narcan to go along with it. although it is a small step, it hopefully will make a big difference. If we get the medication and word out for how to respond to opioid overdose, we can save more lives.

  2. I’m glad this caught you attention. The epidemic of opioid abuse is widespread. Which is one of the reasons Honors has offered a course on drugs and society. While it’s convenient to judge the addict, the reality that addiction is a social phenomenon, and we need to address it as such. That said, I would suggest that the solution for this problem is also social. No particular pharmaceutical will solve the problem on its own. But the socially responsible training of persons to use this drug effectively and within a larger context will indeed save many lives.

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