NYTimes: Zaha Hadid, Groundbreaking Architect, Dies at 65

Posted: April 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

Zaha Hadid, Groundbreaking Architect, Dies at 65

  1. Jessie Montgomery says:

    Wow, Ms. Hadid’s work completely exemplifies how art can exist in so many different forms and mediums. Her buildings are absolutely breathtaking- unlike anything I could even imagine. And each structure seems to be more challenging and surprising than the next! The MAXXI Museum, the Chaoyangmen Soho, the Heydar Aliyev Center… And though I’m not surprised, because I know I do live in some sort of little bubble that I’m trying to break free from, I am almost ashamed that I have never heard of her. These buildings are inspiring in a way, because I’m sure Ms. Hadid was challenged and doubted, and I can only imagine what kind of work went in to each project, but ultimately she created buildings–works of art–that really do have their own aura.

    • Though it’s unfortunate you hadn’t heard of Hadid, it’s no surprise. Most people don’t pay much attention to their surroundings, much less begin to analyze it. I was walking across campus with students not so long ago. They were surprised I had anything to say about architecture at all. Benjamin says this indifference into architecture relates to the fact that architecture is the oldest art form. We experience it on a tactile and unconscious rather than a conscious level. His essay is designed to bring these unconscious motivation to the surface. While Hadid did produce striking shapes, it think it’s important to consider the possibility that Hadid’s building are in fact pure superficiality, hence stridently devoid of aura. We’ll discuss this more in class tomorrow.

  2. Zaha Hadid’s work is absolutely incredible. I have never heard of her work before, but once I looked up her creations, I was fascinated by the sophistication and poise of her design. It’s fluid motion and stunning curvatures embody her unique design. I think her innovative architecture is largely inspired by her diverse background. She is a fantastic role model for women as she was so successful in a primarily male dominated field. It is people like her, unique, confident, and creative, that we need more of in this world to inspire others to develop new ways of thinking, production, art, etc.

  3. Kaden Plewe says:

    Really enjoyed listening to the talk that you posted. Growing up, architecture was the first form of art that I can remember being fascinated by. I’m glad we’re spending some time talking about it in the course.
    I was a little disappointed with Hadid’s response to one of the questions that was asked in the talk regarding the responsibility of architects to consider ecological impacts within the built environment. Architects are unique in that their work has extreme and direct impacts on the environment that they’re working in. I’m always excited when I hear about leaders in the field who make this a strong emphasis in their designs; concerned when they don’t.

  4. Kaden Plewe says:

    I’d appreciate that!

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