Colomina on Post-Gender Architecture

Posted: April 15, 2018 in Uncategorized


“I think the star architect is [Kazuyo] Sejima right now. … It has nothing to do with her being a woman. She will treat the job from the point of view of a radical.”

–Beatriz Colomina


  1. My favorite art is when there is a very thoughtful, fancy, advanced technology, or high piece of art that is surrounded or supplemented by something ordinary. Like when a bathroom has an expensive sensors but require yellowed, plain pieces of paper to instruct users how to operate it. Or a big ass telephone pole with power lines draping every which way in front of an carefully crafted, white building.

  2. While I hate to cavalierly employ technical or big words, it might be well to say ‘postmodernism’ here. While Steinberg was the first to use it in American art criticism, Derrida more famously used the term ‘parergon’ (frame, or “a piece of work that is supplementary to or a byproduct of a larger work”) to identify the impossibility of viewing an object in its purity. Some frame is always getting in the way. Frederic Jameson refers to the postmodern condition as that state of affairs in which it has become impossible to distinguish between nature and culture, as nature is invariably framed by technology.

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