The American Nuclear Family as Cosmic Center – The Eames’s “Powers of Ten” (1977)

Posted: April 15, 2018 in Uncategorized
  1. Marcos says:

    This video was quite fascinating, but I get the feeling the American nuclear family isn’t the center of the universe.

    • I might put it this way, the ‘world’ is a media spectacle at the center of which is an image-commodity known as the ‘average American family.’ In other words, it’s ideology.

  2. Mikala says:

    Maybe I have a one track mind but I couldn’t help noticing the music changing with the space every 10 seconds. It seemed to be getting emptier just as the picture did. Great video thanks for posting!

    • I think the circus music (coincidence?) training off to occasional chirps was meant enhance the sense of vast scale and remoteness achieved by a geometric retreat from the human. Recall, the (implicit) point of this film is to argue that the American nuclear family is the axis of outer and inner space, of the entire cosmos.

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