Readings for April 18th

Posted: April 16, 2018 in Readings
  1. natquayle says:

    The first link is broken I think!

  2. natquayle says:

    During your lecture you had an interesting way of phrasing about the pictures of rats marking rat infestations around New York, something like “these artists were going around not trying to make masterpieces, but trying to respond very strategically and rhetorically to what was going on.” That reminded me of an art piece I heard about last week called paraSITE:

    Reading about it, I thought it was very interesting that the designer decided to call it an art piece and market it as such, when what it is is an initiative to make portable shelters. It’s something practical, political and reactionary, and by calling it art the artist is making a deliberate statement about exhibition.

    • This project might not be ‘fine’ or official art of the sort Rudy Fuchs and Hilton Kramer want to resuscitate. I better term for it might be ‘guerilla’ art. I’d see it as a direct descendent of the kind of political art with Hans Haacke brought into the MoMA in New York deliberately to interrupt business as usual, address the housing crisis within the city, and reveal how the museum (along with its corporate donors) were complicit in the problem.

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