Know Your Lefts – Various Schools of American Feminism

Posted: April 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

“I’m Against Modern Feminism.” I recently heard a very nice but rather naive young woman make this pronouncement. My immediate thought was, What does that even mean? What kind of feminism are you talking about?

Betty Friedan
Demystifying The Feminine

Gloria Steinem
Women’s Liberation

Angela Davis
Militant Feminism

Catherine McKinnon
Women’s Social Justice

Andrea Dworkin
Sexual Manumition

Kate Millet
The Politics of Sexuality

Toril Moi
Linguistic Constructivist Feminism

Donna Haraway
Post-Humanist Feminism

Judith Butler
Post-Gender Feminism

  1. Jiahui (Karen) Chen says:

    Even as a young woman that identifies as a feminist, I had no idea there were so many types, nuances, and approaches of feminism. I hadn’t heard of: Catherine McKinnon, Andrea Dworkin, Kate Millet, Tori Moi, or Donna Haraway before, and I went down a rabbit hole researching each of these women. I found especially interesting Toril Moi’s linguistic approach to feminism and Donna Haraway’s studies of science/technology’s relation to feminism. I thought it was alarming I hadn’t heard of Catherine McKinnon before, since she’s so integral to the criminalization of sexual discrimination.

    • Our society tries to simplify all matters and movements. It is a way of neutralizing their radical edge. I wish we could proceed to investigate this movement more thoroughly, and other women within it. But there’s only so much we can do in a single semester. I’m glad you found this intriguing.

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