Shutting Down Education

Posted: January 10, 2019 in Uncategorized

I went to this government-run website in search of materials to help my teach you more effectively.

  1. Parker Law says:

    It is somewhat amazing (in a bad way) to me how much a shutdown like this can affect people’s everyday lives, and yet government leaders often treat it as a small complication that is necessary in the decision-making process. Not only does it affect any government-run educational websites like this one, but National Parks have had to stop trash collection and road maintenance, as well as start charging fees to enter the parks so that they can remain open to the public. Also, the Smithsonian and the National Zoo have shut down, turning many vacations into somewhat wasted time. If the shutdown continues beyond January 12th, which is looking fairly plausible, it will break the record for the longest shutdown that was set in 1995. I think part of the issue with shutdowns like these is that the average person does not put enough thought into what the effects are. If everyone, including our country’s leaders, was fully aware and informed about the havoc that these government shutdowns cause, I believe it would become more of a “last resort” option, and as much as we can blame the political leaders for this, I think it starts with the general public becoming more involved and aware of our nation’s issues.

    • I want to think that persons in charge don’t understand the impact such a shutdown has. But seems impossible that they don’t. There would be not point holding someone hostage if they were your enemy’s enemy. Sadly, however, almost one million persons are being directly affected by this shutdown, so that a handful of VIPs can feel the hurt.

      Whether one likes the idea of a wall or not, it’s pretty clear that this is not really about the practical goal of keeping America safe, as TSA workers are now refusing to work for free. Meanwhile, statistics indicate that the large majority of terror suspects are apprehended at airports and not the border.

      While it could seem that I am stretching the legitimate application of the topic, it might not be totally crazy to look at this situation through the lens of magic. What do we gain by seeing the wall, or even the mere idea of it, as a kind of magic protection – what eggheads would call an ‘apotropaic device‘? What wall already does exist has been shown (yesterday to the President) to be ineffective. Nevertheless, the very demonstration of the wall’s failure only causes certain persons to call all the louder for its completion. The reason the wall doesn’t work, they seem to believe, is not because there is anything wrong with the wall, but rather because we haven’t believed in it enough.

      “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”
      Mark 9:24

  2. Tasia McConkie says:

    This government shut down infuriates me. I do not think the President nor Congress realize how damaging this shutdown. If they do, my faith in Congress and the President will be almost nonexistent. Potentially the U.S. economy (the largest economy in the world) can suffer. By consequence, the global economy will be affected as well. This fight about the wall between Congress and the President can affect more than just 800,000 government employees and their families.

    • I agree that the president does not understand the impact of the shutdown. I believe this precisely because that billionaire claims to be able to relate to the workers he has furloughed. His claim is patently absurd. However, Congress understands fully well the plight of the 800,000 government workers now going without pay. The problem is that Congress is unable to pass legislation funding the government without the president’s approval, and DJT ain’t signing nothing until he gets his wall. Democrats claim to be willing to negotiate a wall once the government has been unshuttered, but they refuse to allow citizens to be used a pawns in the president’s wall agenda. Meanwhile, Republicans seem to want to reopen the government, though they are unwilling to upset the president, believing that to upset him will cost them the votes of his MAGA base and the donations of his corporate sponsors. Some might claim I’m oversimplifying the situation, but I’ve tried to describe as accurately, albeit succinctly, as possible.

  3. wakingligeia says:

    Seeing this post made me wonder if shutdowns occur exclusively in America. I found this article by the Washington Post: They said that, for the most part, other democratic countries have ways to prevent their governments from shutting down in case of partisan deadlock. To me, this seems like just another flaw in our Great Experiment in Democracy. What infuriates me the most about issues like these is that if we could just agree as a country to recognize our fundamental flaws and work to solve them, the government would never shut down. Similarly, pulling specific, legislative meaning out of vague, 200-year-old writing by ideologues would be far easier. The societal problem I see is that, even with a shutdown affecting almost a million Americans, many chauvinistic people will continue to blindly support our institutions. I once heard, perhaps from a Vox video or something similar, the idea that, ‘running a country is like parenting. The really bad parents just boast about their children and believe them to be undeniably perfect. Better ones recognize the struggles of their children and work with them to help them improve and grow as people.’ This idea really made sense to me. As long as we keep on ignoring events like shutdowns, or even mass shootings, we will be stuck in the mindset of supporting our institutions regardless of any major flaws within them.

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