Your Brain Keeps Score

Posted: January 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

“You had a lecture at school that was about safe sex, drinking, drugs,” Walker said. “Why didn’t anybody come in and tell you about sleep?”

The research is changing policy in some areas, with school officials, for example, considering whether to push back school start times to better match teenagers’ sleep cycles. The National Sleep Foundation will hold its first consumer expo in March with a wide range of offerings, including mattresses and sleep trackers — a visible sign of the burgeoning sleep industry. Meanwhile, a growing number of scientists, not normally known for being advocates, are bringing evangelical zeal to the message that lack of sleep is an escalating public health crisis that deserves as much attention as the obesity epidemic.

  1. Kevin Nielson says:

    This article was really informative. It has always been my understanding that much of the reason that school start times aren’t pushed back are to better accommodate working parent’s schedules, so this is something that schools will have to weigh in their decisions. I have always wondered why standardized testing start so early in the morning when there is research like this that shows that it isn’t a good time for cognitive function.

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