20th Century Today!

Posted: January 30, 2019 in Uncategorized

  1. Super cool! I wonder if they knew how symbolic this event would be. New developments in technology clashed into one monumental performance by a reliably good band is something anyone could enjoy.

    It’s quite on theme with this class because its mixing all sorts of new technologies together such as: the microphone, audio recorders, video cameras that can be held, and electric guitars. It would have been all the sweeter if it happened on top of the Apple Inc. headquarters because they would become a technological supergiant in the 21st century. Of course, Apple Inc. wouldn’t be around for another decade, but one can wish.

    • Eduardo Barba says:

      I can definitely see where your interest for this event occurring on top of Apple’s headquarters comes from. They are certainly one of the most powerful companies in the 21st century and although they don’t specialize in microphones and electric guitars, I can see your point nonetheless. In relation to music, I also thought to myself how Apple did not sleep on music and more specifically in the 21st century, online streaming apps for music. Apple bought Beats in 2014 for $3 billion and alongside came the music app ‘Beats Music’. That was later discontinued and turned into Apple Music and now competes with Spotify, Pandora and others for the most popular online streaming services for music and podcasts. Great comment!

      • What fascinates me to see is the way student reactions to the story indicate that the means of delivery is now more exciting to them than the drug being delivered. This attitude recalls key statements made some years ago by the founders of a (then) new discipline called Media Studies. It was with those statements in mind that I first designed this course.

        If none of this makes sense to anyone, perhaps it will help to consider the wild popularity amongst young persons of products by manufactured by Juul.

    • I’m pretty sure The Beatles had a very clear sense of their own importance. Not only had their concerts become so wildly popular that their electrical instruments could no longer be heard above the deafening roar of the hysterically screaming crowds (more than anything else, a Beatles concert sounded like modern warfare), but John Lennon himself notorious declared The Beatles to be ‘more popular than Jesus’.

      What interests me here is the response of students to a hypothetic Beatles performance on the rooftop of Apple Computers, as opposed the actual Beatles performs on the rooftop of Apple Records. Even a few years ago I might have expected that young persons would think The Beatles, arguably the greatest rock band of all time, could lend some legitimacy to a corporation like Apple. Now, however, students instead feel that a tech corporation could lend some legitimacy to The Beatles.

      This leaves me to conclude that if The Beatles were in fact cooler than Jesus, Apple is now cooler than The Beatles. Meanwhile, Jesus has been quietly cancelled out of the equation.

  2. Eduardo Barba says:

    Seeing such an iconic band perform on a rooftop just makes me want to get out and experience concerts more often, you never know how famous a band you see may become. Getting the class together for a performance would definitely be a great time. I know rooftops are not really realistic during the winter but indoor venues are common. As a reply to jmccluskey1598, I think it’s quite humorous how she mentions Apple Inc. since they are literal technological giants but I would also mention that Apple certainly did not sleep on music and in the 21st century, online streaming apps for music. Apple bought Beats in 2014 and alongside came the music app ‘Beats Music’. That turned into Apple Music and now competes with Spotify for the most popular online streaming services for music and podcasts.

    • Amazing to see how students see the word Apple and immediately think about computers and iPhones. None of you guy seem to know anything about the Beatles label Apples Records and their famous recording studio of the same name. It’s precisely because young persons have almost no knowledge of major events and institutions which existed only a few decades ago that I decide it was necessary to create a course on the 20th century.

  3. Parker Law says:

    I am with you guys on this one, a performance like that on top of the sleek Apple headquarters facility (especially after dark when the building is lit up with their characteristic white lights) would be an aesthetic wonder. I live downtown and I would love it if a band started playing on top of one of the nearby buildings. That probably won’t end up happening, but fingers crossed. Back to the video, the Beatles were so revolutionary that I think this is a perfect way to go out with a bang. The police were not happy about it, but the people around them that were able to listen in got to witness a very special moment. I think Apple Inc. could actually put this in a commercial for Apple Music if they wanted to. Start by showing part of this Beatles clip and then transition to a scene with a popular band on top of their headquarters and then add a clever slogan to it. That might be wishful thinking, but I would certainly enjoy it.

    • Dood, your dream has already come true. I attended a rooftop concert with students just last semester. It was on top of the downtown library. There were no major corporate sponsors involved, much less sophisticated technology and special effects. I can consider that a very good thing. Most of that visual noise serves to do nothing but distract from the music and make mediocre bands appear more impressive than they actually are.

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