Ecce Malum – It’s A Brave New World!

Posted: February 4, 2019 in Uncategorized

I’m pretty sure The Beatles had a very clear sense of their own importance. Not only had their concerts become so wildly popular that their electrical instruments could no longer be heard above the deafening roar of the hysterically screaming crowds (more than anything else, a Beatles concert sounded like modern warfare), but John Lennon himself notorious declared The Beatles to be ‘more popular than Jesus’.

What interests me here is the response of students to a hypothetic Beatles performance on the rooftop of Apple Computers, as opposed the actual Beatles performs on the rooftop of Apple Records. Even a few years ago I might have expected that young persons would think The Beatles, arguably the greatest rock band of all time, could lend some legitimacy to a corporation like Apple. Now, however, students instead feel that a tech corporation could lend some legitimacy to The Beatles.

This leaves me to conclude that if The Beatles were in fact cooler than Jesus, Apple is now cooler than The Beatles. Meanwhile, Jesus has been quietly cancelled out of the equation.

What a brave new world this is!


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