Latter-Day Jeremiad – Kitsch’s Finest Hour?

Posted: February 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

Our culture, on its lower and popular levels, has plumbed abysses of vulgarity and falsehood unknown in the discoverable past.

–Clement Greenberg, “The Plight of Culture” (1953)

  1. Jeffrey Soper says:

    I can’t stop looking at the top picture and trying to unpack all it has in it. There’s so much going on and knowing little about politics doesn’t help. But some of things I can pick up on is the importance of oil. Seeing the oil rig in the back and the oil mixed with blood in the front of the picture. I think it’s a take on the cost of the oil we’re getting and the real reason we were in the middle east. You can see death right above the trail of oil and fish within it dying. I think the overall idea of the picture would be the cost of war. Death is everywhere and sadness falls on everyone while our president needs to put on a good face to show the world.

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