Why Did I Create This Class In The First Place?

Posted: February 12, 2019 in Uncategorized

From W.J.T. Mitchell’s What Do Pictures Want?

In this intense, far-reaching, and poignant book—a book that sums up the work of a lifetime—the acclaimed art historian T. J. Clark rewrites the history of modern art. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, he explains, the project called socialism may have come to an end at roughly the same moment as modernism. Did modernism and socialism depend on each other for their vitality—for their sense of the future and their wish to live in a fully material world? Have they died? Aware of modernism’s foibles and blind spots, but passionately attached to the movement’s wildness, Clark poses these fundamental questions in Farewell to an Idea.

  1. Nick Canfield says:

    I find Clark’s insight into modernism fascinating. In the description on Yale Press,” Modernism, Clark argues, was an extreme answer to an extreme condition—the one Max Weber summed up as “the disenchantment of the world.” I enjoy how Clark observes the points of extreme stress, which yields the most raw and true qualities. With modernism and socialism coinciding, I surely hope that they are both alive and will continue to prevail in the future. It’s gratifying to see how deeply rooted art is in almost everything we experience, socially, politically, etc. and how it is paramount to understand other aspects of our culture, and those before us. I find this information valuable for this generation, especially because something that occurred 50 years ago is considered an archeological discovery.

  2. Nick Canfield says:

    I had a better comment before this but I tried to post it and I lost connection to the website. That was my attempt at recreation. My apologies if it’s disconnected.

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