Minimalist Music at The U of U – An Upcoming Event

Posted: March 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

I was invited by Honor’s instructor Phillip Bimstein, who currently teaches a course on Radical Quiet, to an upcoming musical events. The program will feature Minimalist compositions from a number artists I have mentioned in class and posted on the blog. Please consider attending. You don’t often get a chance to hear such music live, and certainly not on the U of U campus.

Red Desert ensemble and Radical Quiet, an Honors College course that cultivates presence and awareness through a mindful experience of the arts, present Terry Riley’s IN C, along with other experimental and minimalist works. An all-star ensemble of Utah musicians & students will perform Riley’s infamous IN C for an indefinite number of performers. Also on the program: Morton Feldman’s Bass Clarinet & Percussion and works by John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Arthur Russell and Christian Wolff.

To Phillip Bimstein,

I haven’t been in to see the Sol LeWitt piece yet. I’m a bit at odds with Conceptualism these days, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t pay attention to it. In any case, I certainly prefer Sol LeWitt to Lawrence Weiner. We’ve discussed Conceptualism in class just a bit this semester, but we won’t get into it in any depth until later in the semester.

For the moment we have to backtrack and access Surrealism via Artaud. It’s pretty challenge to get students to understand any of these materials even a little, much less appreciate them at all. Hence the need for constant references to every stripe of popular culture. Minimalism is actually a bit easier for students because it marks, according to the author we’re now studying, the moment when mass-cultural values invade and colonize the museum. Students get that theme parks and the Mets might be far more interesting than an evening at The Met.

Attached is an image I made which features an ad the UMFA created to generate interest in a Lawrence Weiner installation. I believe the event did in fact run out of hotdogs.


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