The “New” Normal

Posted: March 28, 2019 in Uncategorized

Aside from saving a few dollars, what would be the purpose of defunding the Special Olympics?

“This is an exact example of a program that, between a nonprofit community support and government, is able to lift up those that historically have been left in the shadows throughout our country’s history. Why would the federal government not want to raise those folks up and celebrate them? That’s the whole point,” Kennedy said.

DeVos is standing firm on her 2020 Education Department budget proposal that includes eliminating all grant money for the Special Olympics, arguing that the nonprofit doesn’t need federal backing because it can successfully raise private contributions.

  1. Parker Law says:

    While this is an extremely heavy article/video, I think the biggest issue here is how DeVos downplays the effects that this budget cut would have. All of her statements reflect that her attitude towards this is that it would not affect the Special Olympics program that much if this budget cut was made. She does mention that the Special Olympics is an organization that gets a significant amount of private donations every year, which is true, but a $17,600,000 cut would decimate over 6,000 Special Olympics programs nationwide. We can probably take this stress with a grain of salt, considering this is the third year that a cut like this has been proposed and it has never made it through, but I definitely think there are other places that we can cut $17.6 million from that would be less harmful. The Special Olympics impacts way more peoples’ lives than just the ones of those who participate in it. My friend has coached a Special Olympics basketball team for the past couple years, and he loves it. He has a lot of fun doing it, and he has written about it on just about every college application, scholarship application, resume, and personal essay he has done. Because the Special Olympics has such a positive impact on so many people, I think the government should really be trying to search for other places that this money could come from, because even with the private donors, they still need this funding to keep running at the high level that they do now.

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