Artaud’s Marxism – The Revolution Will Be Hysterical!

Posted: April 1, 2019 in Uncategorized


If Americans, to whose spirit (esprit) this genre of films belongs, wish to take these films in a merely humorous sense, confining the material of humor to the easy comic margins of the meaning of the word, so much the worse for them; but that will not prevent us from considering the conclusion of Monkey Business as a hymn to anarchy and wholehearted revolt.

  1. Aralia Ward says:

    It is clear that this fictional great dictator has a very strong resemblance to Adolf Hitler. This resemblance becomes more clear as this dictator states that his goals are to create an entirely blonde Aryan race. What adds comedy to this statement is that the great dictator himself is a brunette! What adds further comedy is how did this fact (in returning to the real world) escape the entire population of Nazi controlled Germany! The dictator is a member of the very group of people he seeks to destroy. This dictator also is extremely childlike, which is not a representation commonly given to seemingly powerful and dangerous dictators. The dictator’s adviser serves him more as a parent figure than a subordinate, as the adviser helps the dictator to change his order of attack. Additionally, the dictator is an excellent dancer with his balloon doing a very modified childlike ballet. Perhaps the overall message of this short clip is any person who believes they can rule and control everyone is as foolish as a child. Additionally, perhaps the clip is saying that is is foolish to fear a dictator because they all are only children.

  2. Nick Canfield says:

    Why it’s Sir Charlie Chaplin of course! The Harpo Marx bit was hilarious. I assume that the reason for the sharing of these videos was to show how staging and livened dialogue aided by dancing/coordinated movements captures the attention of the audience more so than an actor reciting a soliloquy before an audience. Thanks for the post, I needed a good laugh.

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