“utilizing the nervous magnetism of man, to transgress the limits of art and speech”

Posted: April 2, 2019 in Uncategorized

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: They will be used for their qualities as objects and as part of the set. Also, the need to act directly and profoundly upon the sensibility through the sense organs invites research, from the point of view of sound, into qualities and vibrations of sounds to which we are absolutely unaccustomed, qualities which contemporary musical instruments do not possess and which compel us to revive ancient and forgotten instruments or to create new ones. They also compel research, beyond the domain of music, into instruments and devices which, because they are made from special combinations or new alloys of metals, can achieve a new diapason of the octave and produce intolerable or ear-shattering sounds or noises.

SPECTACLE: The idea of total spectacle must be revived. The problem is to make space speak, to enrich and furnish it; like mines laid in the wall of flat rocks which suddenly give birth to geysers and bouquets.

CRUELTY: Without an element of cruelty at the foundation of every spectacle, the theater is not possible. In the state of degeneration, in which we live, it is through the skin that metaphysics will be made to enter our minds.

–Antonin Artaud, The Theater and Its Double

  1. Jeffrey Soper says:

    Seeing The Who let out all their energy, excitement and passion for what they do by smashing their instruments at the end is awesome. I can’t even begin to imagine the atmosphere at a place like Woodstock where everyone was losing their minds jamming out to some good tunes. The whole act of breaking the stage just adds a whole layer to their music that can’t be achieved by listening alone. It’s a bizarre thought to me that music can/should be thought of in terms of theater.

    • Yeah. I always wonder what students today will make of these videos, now that guitar smashing has become a predictable commonplace. But things to which we have grown accustomed were once entirely new. It’s hard to convince young persons today how incredibly unprecedented and powerful and dangerous this music once was. Maybe someday one of you will say the same thing to your kids about Posty. Maybe not.

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