“The Marvelous” – Superficiality and Spectacular Failure

Posted: April 4, 2019 in Uncategorized

Surrealism has long been seen as its founder, André Breton, wanted it to be seen: as a movement of love and liberation. In Compulsive Beauty, Foster reads surrealism from its other, darker side: as an art given over to the uncanny, to the compulsion to repeat and the drive toward death. To this end Foster first restages the difficult encounter of surrealism with Freudian psychoanalysis, then redefines the crucial categories of surrealism — the marvelous, convulsive beauty, objective chance—in terms of the Freudian uncanny, or the return of familar things made strange by repression.

“Imagine for a moment – if you possibly can . . . “

~ Marcel Mauss

“Fashion is the last repository of the marvelous.”

~ Christian Dior

Malcolm McLaren
Interview at PS1, NYC
Spectacular Failure
“Rock ‘n’ Roll Piracy

(listen to excerpts from The Sound of Fashion / The Look of Music)

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