Zaha Hadid – Architect and Badass

Posted: April 21, 2019 in Uncategorized

This video always makes me smile.





  1. Parker Law says:

    That video gave me a chuckle. I love how confident she is going against the stereotypes that society puts on her field. I think this really calls into question what direction we are going with gender equality. It has definitely improved in certain ways throughout the past couple years, but there is still the underlying problem that society does not want to change their previously held beliefs. Even though the English language does not have gendered nouns like French, for example, we still gender our pronouns (which is not a universal practice) and believe that certain objects and occupations are inherently masculine or feminine. Architecture is one of those fields of work and study that people generally associate with masculinity. This comes without much basis for an argument, and it is only the case because society simply refuses to let old assumptions die with the past.

    • Yes. Zaha Hadid was a badass, and hilarious in her sarcasm. We could certainly go on about feminist insights and tendencies in her work, and this would most likely generate some real insights about her politics. However, I don’t imagine Hadid would ever talk at any length about these concerns. I believe she would imagine that agonizing over cultural minutia and perceived slights and injustices would reveal a pathological mindset and fall beneath her dignity. To reference an Instagram account I follow, she strikes me as numbered among the “women who don’t give a fuck”. Again, this is not to say she was not a feminist. Rather, it is to say that there is no one official feminism, but rather multiple feminisms, as de Beauvoir says about women themselves. Feminism is recalcitrantly diverse. Some feminists champion nurturing maternal values, others the meticulous tabulation of offenses against women, others the indefatigable pursuit of political and social equality. Meanwhile, Hadid’s arrestingly unperturbed character seems to lead her to play hardball with any men who can handle her – no apologies or explanations offered.

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