Inducing Powerful Emotions

Posted: January 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

In my 2810 class we have been discussing writing scores for films, in particular science fiction and horror films. One of the instruments commonly used in such music is the theramin, one of the first electronic instruments. If you will think back to our last session, you will recall that I discussed Davy’s experiments with nitrous oxides, as well as other contemporary experiments with electrical current. While there was no theramin back in Wordsworth’s day, what do you suppose he might have thought of this musical instrument? Would have have enjoyed its sound? Would have have thought it an appropriate accompaniment to his poetry? What do you think?

Alexandra Stepanoff playing the Theremin
on NBC Radio, 1930

Battling Theramins
Man or Astroman vs. The Octopus Project
Utopiafest 8

  1. Jon N says:

    I find it fascinating the ways people have thought outside the box to produce art. The Theramin seems more like an extension of the player, than a physical object the player interacts with. It’s the space in-between that they’re interacting with. I actually came across the Reverb video with Caroline Eyck a few years ago and the sound she can get is still impressive. I think Wordsworth would probably be curious about the “instrument”, but he would probably be more concerned with how it’s played than what it is physically. Though, as an artist I’d expect he would support new creation, as long as it drew inspiration and context from longstanding musical ideas. Just a thought

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