I’m Aware of This Situation

Posted: September 11, 2020 in Uncategorized

I’m really not happy that our progress has slowed to a crawl. I don’t want to disadvantage persons who are still without power. This delay will force me to jettison a number of important readings, but as I have said earlier, while citing the famed communication theorist Marshall McLuhan, this semester the medium will have to be the message.

His my friend Nick playing chess with his mom by candlelight.

Published: 1 hour ago.

These past few days, when the sun sets over Salt Lake City, Nick Kuzmack pulls out a wooden, foldable chessboard his mother, Frances Rowsell, bought at a yard sale years ago. Then he lights some candles, and the two play a few games.

The chess game is a normal part of their routine. The candles are not.

Kuzmack and his 72-year-old mother have been without power in their home near Liberty Park since Tuesday, when hurricane-strength winds blew through northern Utah, toppling trees, hurling branches and downing power lines. At the most, more than 195,000 Rocky Mountain Power customers lost power. Now, crews have restored electricity to about 80% of them, but the last 20% will be tricky, President and CEO Gary Hoogeveen said at a Friday news conference.

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