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Things are FAR more active over on my IT 2810 blog, though I do see some slight indication of an upward trend in 2108. Will students here continue to step it up, or will they trickle off in to mediocrity and C grades. That’s up to you to decide. Good luck!

Readings for September 8th

Posted: September 2, 2020 in Readings

I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased by your apparent interest in Wordsworth and Coleridge. Many students in the past, though hardly all students, have shown far less curiosity and endeavor. So, good for you. While upcoming readings will get more difficult, they will also get more unexpected and fascinating. Let’s keep up the effort and try to enjoy future assignments as much as possible. Good luck with this new material!

Wordsworth and Coleridge Video!

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Would you belief it only took me twelve hours to make this? Holy crap!. Unfortunately, the video and audio are out of synch for a portion of the presentation. I apologize for that; I just couldn’t afford to spend who knows how much more trying to fix that problem. Please forgive me.

I will now go over to Canvas and initiate a conversation on this video. Please check in there and tell if found the video helpful. What in worked or didn’t work for you? What did you learn from this presentation?

I received these instructions in an email yesterday. I concur with Dean Torti. It’s really important that you not just obediently take Honors courses, but you should want to be an informed and active member of the Honors community. Here are two ways you can do that.

PLEASE continue to emphasize the importance of the honors weekly newsletter to students. New opportunities will be posted there in the coming weeks.

PLEASE encourage students who are interested in leadership, having a voice and wanting to engage in making the college better, to apply to HSAC (Honors Student Advisory Committee). We have 11 spots still open in our new structure and students will be provided with multiple opportunities for real engagement.

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HSAC Application