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Reading For September 17th

Posted: September 14, 2020 in Readings

OK, I’m finally posting new readings. I didn’t want to leave anyone without electricity in the lurch, but I believe power has been restored in most places. Because we lost a whole week, we really need to get moving now and make up for lost time.

Here is our next author, Clement Greenberg. As was the case with Eliot, these readings will be somewhat challenging, but I hope you will find them worthwhile. An important thing to learn in college is that you don’t necessarily have to agree with a writer to find their work intriguing and instructive. Perhaps that will be so for you as your attempt to make sense of Greenberg. Good luck!

Clement Greenberg

“The Avant-Garde and Kitsch” (1939)
“Towards A Newer Laocoön” (1940)
“The Pasted-Paper Revolution” (1948)
“The Plight of Culture” (1953)

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Mark Tansey (American)
The Triumph of The New York School
oil on canvas, 74″ x 120″
The Whitney Museum of American Art
New York City, New York

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Readings for September 8th

Posted: September 2, 2020 in Readings

I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased by your apparent interest in Wordsworth and Coleridge. Many students in the past, though hardly all students, have shown far less curiosity and endeavor. So, good for you. While upcoming readings will get more difficult, they will also get more unexpected and fascinating. Let’s keep up the effort and try to enjoy future assignments as much as possible. Good luck with this new material!