Morning Dark

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Good Morning!

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Not Too Shabby

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Have A Great Evening!

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Time and Perception

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709830: Time cover: 10-13-1967 of Tony Smith.

Sorry this didn’t get posted sooner. I had set it for the wrong date. Hastening off to New York to deal with a family crisis, today’s class was hardly an example of me at my best. For that I apologize. I hope you will examine the images below, two representational and two not, and see how they illustrate the some of the points I tried to make in our meeting.

On the upper right, we see a vital and dynamic Christ (by Peter Paul Rubens), animated by internal forces. On the upper left, we see an unmistakably dead Christ (by Matthias Grünewald), whose form (or whatever remains of it) is the result of entirely external forces: wood, nails, and the physical force of gravity.

While the sculptures pictured below the paintings are both non-representational, I think it should be possible to see that the one on the lower right (by Sir Anthony Caro) is nevertheless still abstract; its composition, or syntax, suggest an inner spiritual force which virtually lifts the industrial materials into an exalted state, cancelling or suspending the work’s status as mere object. We can feel the I-beams, rebar, and industrial paint springing to life; hence the piece’s name, Early One Morning. Meanwhile, the piece on the lower left (by Robert Morris), nailed to the wall and sagging under its own unstructured mass, Untitled makes no attempt whatsoever to transcend its status brute material.

Anti-Discrimination at The U

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Science and Terror

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Titanic Days

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